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For Your Cafe, Restaurant and Hotel

“Home Fresh Hydro Farm” grew out of a desire to bring the best ingredients to create high quality dishes, using cooking techniques from Italy. Even though our main focus has always been on the famous salad dressing from the beginning, we have recently grown from our original salad dressing to other seasonings. Whether you’re a fine restaurant, a caterer, or any kind of food service pro, you can proudly serve the best-tasting salad dressings ever captured inside a bottle while maintaining the cost and saving the hassle of preparation.

Salad Dressing

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Our salad dressings are versatile. There are multiple ways to enjoy the dressings—on your salad, as dipping or even as pasta and steak sauce. With no preservatives or additives, you can fully taste the natural ingredients like anchovies and clams. The dressings are available in 6 varieties:

1 ) South Sea Clam

2) Caesar di Parma

3) Basilica

4) Aromatic Japanese

5) Extra Virgin Italian

6) Extra Virgin Balsamic

Size 500 / 200 / 30 g. (can be kept for 3-6 months)

Add-on Salad Dish

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Whole Wheat Chips : Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Smoky BBQ 70 g / 30 g  (can be kept for 10 months)

Smoked Bacon Bits : 500 g / 70 g  (can be kept for 3 months)

Sesame Croutons : 250 g / 30 g g  (can be kept for 3 months)



Fresh Soup


Within 3 minutes, you can experience the fresh-picked flavors of the ingredients as if it’s been cooked right out of Italian kitchen.




Sauce for Steak & Pasta




Our dressings produce amazing recipes and go well with all your favorite meats. Each dressing brings out the intriguing taste in different types of meats to excite your palate.




straw jam


We also have other products available including fresh fruit jams, sausages, Italian crispy pork, German pork knuckle, and more…