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Dressing & Dipping Sauce

South Sea Clam

A mouthful of south sea clam mix with our home-grown Italian Basil. You’ll feel the scent of Italian basil and the texture of the clam perfectly combined.


Caesar di Parma

We use premium grade parmesan cheese with a fresh anchovy to create this rich ingredients bottle of Caesar di Parma dressing & dip.



Basilica dressing & dip is made from our home-grown Italian Basil mix with black pepper and garlic. This is the best creamy vegetarian dressing!


Aromatic Japanese

Since we use a fresh roasted sesame, you’ll fall in love with the scent of the sesame from the moment you open the bottle. Mixing with soy sauce, makes the taste more mellow and enjoyable.



Extra Virgin Balsamic

Our sweet & sour Balsamic dressing is a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and a Balsamic vinegar. Adding some pepper, onion and herbal to make the dressing beautifully sophisticated.

Extra Virgin Italian

For salad lovers, we proudly present this scented and sour Italian dressing. Mixing extra virgin olive oil with red wine vinegar, together with black pepper, garlic and onion. It definitely brings joy to your salad dish.