Enjoy life,
it’s delicious!

It all begins with family’s joy.

We started from growing hydroponics farm in the backyard and making salad dressings just to enjoy the veggie we grew. By giving away the dressings to our friends and family, we were told from lots of them to open a restaurant because they are so impressed and obsessed with the dressings! That’s why, Home Fresh Hydrofarm restaurant was established in 2011.

By choosing the best-selected ingredients around the world, the dressings are texture rich and flavourful. They were sold in the restaurant more than 2,000 bottles per month.

De La Lita brand’s

That success inspired us to expand our delicious recipes to be more reachable to our customers. With that intention, in 2013 Home Fresh International Trading Co.,Ltd. was established and De La Lita brand was created. The brand name is to give an honour to Lalita,who created these amazing recipes. Whereupon, we distributed the dressings through out supermarket and other channels nationally to let customers able to reach to our dressings conveniently.


Expand to other healthy
& delicious products.

As we gained more trust from customers who love our dressings, we began to have a bigger goal. We want to lift up people’s quality of eating sustainably. As a consequence, we expand more product lines. We believe that to make healthy food sustainably consumed, more than healthy, it must be delicious. That’s how our signature Whole Wheat Chips, healthy and delicious snacks were created. After that we continuously create snacks that we make sure they are better choice snacks and food for people. With this believe, customers trust in our brand that any products we launched, will definitely good for their health and their heart.